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TheSpartanShow TheSpartanShow

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Next time you make a piece, could you record yourself doing it and make a time lapsed video of the process? Would love to see how you work.

Huskarl1337 responds:

Absolutely, I've been thinking about doing that for awhile now. I'll post it here when I do a time-lapse! :)

Valkyrie (unfinished) Valkyrie (unfinished)

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Looking forward to the finish piece. :)

Priestess Priestess

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Don't stop.

Skull Melan Skull Melan

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Mad Max Fury Road - Nux and Capable Mad Max Fury Road - Nux and Capable

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MEDIOCRE! Kidding... I will personally walk you to the gates of Valhalla! Five Stars +Follow!

DocLew responds:

Haha, thanks a lot! :)


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Perspective can be a pain. Very nice.

bocodamondo responds:

got that right, thanks ^^

At Night At Night

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That's some mighty fine/clean line art, buddy. Pro level stuff. Great job.